Sheperd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie delicious dish originally from England that have many nutrients

In English Shepherd's Pie has a meaning as the shepherd Pie. Originally used, the meat used is minced lamb meat, but if I make use of beef or chicken. This pie-like pastel closed only the content of minced meat. Flesh below and it closed with mashed potatoes (mashed potatoes). To make the most excellent mashed potatoes using pestle special as below, so the result is 'fluffy' and will not be solid. The first time it crossed my mind was to make shepherd's pie, the British-made rosemary and thyme for seasoning. During these foreigners leaves me know and often use only oregano and basil wrote, had never taste rosemary and thyme. Very fortunate to finally be free, though only a little, so what was shepherd's pie? If you want to be interpreted freely (at large) shepherd's pie is a pie of his British people that contains meat (lamb or beef) with its top covered with crust in the form of pure potato.

Shepards Pie, is a dish that is served in pubs across the UK and Ireland. It is traditionally made with lamb finely chopped or ground topped with mashed potatoes. Ground or minced beef is often substituted for the lamb. When beef is used, this dish is called "Cottage Pie". I'm not a big fan of lamb, so I use beef in the recipe that follows. People really love this dish and will definitely make it again in the future. The beef was very good, but I guess the next time they make this; I will try to use the braised beef instead. I think that sometime over the meat from the roast will work wonderfully in this dish. As one type of one-dish meal, Shepherd's Pie is complete nutritional content because in it already includes carbohydrate from potatoes, fiber and protein from vegetables and meat, as well as milk and cheese. Overall meat and mashed potato layer is then baked in the oven after topping of grated cheese.

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob everybody like it especially when it summer season.

Sweet corn can be processed into a variety of food, but for practical, maybe just roasted corn and Corn on the cob that came to mind. For a more special sense, here's how to make Corn on the cob feels luxurious and delicious. Corn on the cob or in English referred to as corn on the cob is often a popular menu for summer picnics, barbecues and grilled-roasted seafood (Clambake). While some people may choose to bake or burn their corn cob, one of the most popular ways to cook this meal is to boil. Corn on the cob by selecting the best you can get, remove husk and hair, and cook the corn in a large pot of boiling water until tender but not mushy, if you can always choose fresh corn. Corn when not in season, you can buy frozen corn at the grocery store, but for best results, boiled corn while still fresh. Look for corn with husk colored bright green. Corn husk is the outer covers are textured paper. Husk usually fitted with leather petals or corn and not falls apart.

Check the seeds of Corn on the cob. The seeds have a meeting, and are in symmetrical rows. Ripe corn seeds will have a fat yellow and white. Add a little sugar into the water if you want to sweeten your corn while it is cooked. Never add salt to the water you used to boil the corn cob. The salt will make the corn becomes hard. Cover the pan while you wait for boiling water and corn. Cover the pot will help the water to heat up more quickly and also withstand the corn which normally tends to float to the top of the pan. Spice up your corn with your favorite topping. Many people like butter and salt, others applying lime on Corn on the cob them. Try to use a red chili powder or a little parsley to flavor your corn. Save corn cob is left in the fridge. You can keep boiled Corn on the cob in the cold temperature, or scraped from the cob for use in other recipes.


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